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Recovering from MySQL replication problems

Replication on MySQL is a great mechanism to scale out. Sometimes though, things go wrong and it's rewarding to know how to recover from this.

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Adding redundancy to your network using HAProxy

In a previous article I wrote about setting up replication on MySQL databases. This makes it easy to spread out the load over multiple servers. But should we now configure all our applications to use potentially tens or hundreds of MySQL slaves?

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Changing a Linux box into an 802.1x AP

With some wireless network cards it is possible to configure the Linux server to become an access point. Read here how to do this and how to make it a very advanced access point.

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New Software Repository Opened

New software repository opened by 3DN

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Using the SSH Agent

Use the SSH agent to safely manage your password.

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Monitoring PHP FPM with Nagios

Tweet PHP FPM is a standalone PHP service where PHP requests can be directed to from a webserver like NGinx or Lighttpd. As PHP can become quite the CPU hog, while webservers such as NGinx have a very small footprint, it will often happen that multiple machines running PHP FPM will receive requests from one […]

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